Buzza Family History One Name Study - The Buzza Saga


The Parishes of Cornwall

The Parishes around Truro

These are useful reference information for finding your way round.  How George came to be in Probus and how he was looked after following the death of his parents in Redruth is a mystery

Time capsule lodged with the CFHS..

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Before the name became buzza




This was in 26 Jan 1672 in St Uny, Redruth, Cornwall.   We have Richards son of George Buzza and that can be seem in the records of the BMD St Uny, Redruth Cornwall,  George Buzza was christened George son of Richard Bosow and this can be seen in the BMD St Uny, Redruth, Cornwall.

I have the will of George Bosow mentioning his brother Bartholomew and his 3 sons.

I found a book, in Google Books, relating The Parish Registers of Redruth Cornwall 1560 - 1713 by Thurston Collins Peter .  I found the paperback as well and bought it.  I still chuckle about Jack asking me which edition I had as he had the hardback version!  

About Redruth Itself

Who was the first Buzza?


In this section I am concentrating on the Buzza lineage starting Redruth and the connection with Manchester.

I am doing a personal tree for my nephew to help me to focus on the areas that I believe will be of interest to both of us.

I will start you off with two trees:

The first 5 generations from the one of the earliest actual Buzzas

5 generations from Joseph Buzza ch 12 Jan 1812 in Truro.

.Both trees are 12 pages long and can be stuck together or viewed on a pc or tablet.

Then your lineage back to the George Buzza ch 1676 in Redruth.  Currently from my nephew Michael backwards.

So look at Redruth in Genuki and you will find a bit about the parish.  But if you go back further you will find the old church on the map.  We have the pastor of the current parish telling us about the place.

Jack has a section on Redruth which is interesting as you get an insight into the place and its history.  There is also an interesting bit in Wikipedia on CarnBrea  which is prominent in the area.

So the early family are first recorded as Bossow pre the name becoming Buzza.

I would add that Jack’s article shows a tithe for Buzza’s Moor in Tolgus, which is just south of Tolgus Mine.

So you have the choice of going through the old charts on pages 1 to 12 or I have done a chart of the first 5 generations  or another version.  These both go from George Buzza marrying Elizabeth Williams in 1694.  Both versions are 12 pages long and can be printed.